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Natural Calming Remedies for Cats

Here’s a quick summary of the best natural calming remedies for cats in the form of herbs.

Cats are very sensitive animals that don’t appreciate loud noises or sudden movements. Unfortunately, humans tend to make a little more noise than they’d appreciate!

In fact, anxiety in cats is just as prevalent as it is in humans. So, you definitely don’t want to leave your pet to suffer.

If you want to give your feline friends a sense of relief and peace, try these natural calming remedies for cats.


Plenty of cat owners are familiar with catnip and the effects it can have on their pets. In fact, the internet is full of YouTube videos showing seemingly calm felines turning loony after a sniff of the stuff! So, why would you want to give something like this to a cat to calm them down?

Well, the secret is to use this substance to tire your cat out before stressful events like vet visits.

Catnip will undoubtedly give your cat a sudden burst of energy for a while, but it should then leave them too exhausted to exhibit any anxious behavior in a typically stressful situation.


This herb has been used by people for centuries to help them relax and even sleep better. The same properties apply to cats. In fact, chamomile is one of the best ways to get your kitty to chill out.

These dried flowers can be added to your cat’s food without them even noticing. It’s particularly beneficial for cats with anxiety.

Interestingly, chamomile has similar ingredients to some anti-anxiety drugs that humans use, which can provide a natural calming remedy for your pet!


The valerian plant contains chemicals that act on the brain to reduce stress and promote relaxation. This makes it an excellent supplement to help cats cope with anxiety.

Try adding a few drops of valerian oil to your cat’s water bowl once a day. Alternatively, you could mix it into their dry food.

Much like catnip, this herb works best if you give it to your cat around 20 minutes before a potentially stressful event.

Bach Rescue Remedy

The last natural calming remedy for cats on our list is actually a mixture of different flower essences that is proven to help humans and cats with anxiety.

There’s no need to worry about hidden chemicals or unnatural ingredients because this product has been approved by numerous global standard agencies and it only contains natural ingredients, like flowers. However, make sure you only use the remedy that is specifically designed for cats as the human version often contains small amounts of alcohol.

Which Is The Best Natural Calming Remedy For Cats?

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All of the herbs and remedies we’ve listed here are proven to help cats with anxiety. There’s no single best option for everyone because each cat has its own personality and preferences.

For example, one cat might love the calming effects of chamomile while another may not enjoy it as much.

For this reason, it may be beneficial to try a variety of natural remedies to see which one has the best results. 

Final Thoughts: Natural Calming Remedies for Cats

Feline anxiety can result in a lot of unwanted behaviors from your pet, including loud meowing, scratching, and withdrawal.

However, natural remedies like the ones we’ve outlined in this guide, can combat these signs of anxiety and help your kitty to feel more relaxed. 

Try out some of these remedies with your furry friend and hopefully you’ll have a much happier feline companion!