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Can Cats Sense Pregnancy?

Finding out you’re expecting a baby opens you to many new surprises – the positive test, the recurring urge to urinate, and the frequency of morning sickness.

In addition, you’re sure to experience a wide range of different emotions as you navigate this uncharted territory. But one thing you never saw coming was your feline friend somehow sensing that you are pregnant. 

But can cats really tell if you are pregnant, or are you just being oversensitive? Let’s find out!

Can Cats Sense Pregnancy in Humans?

cats and pregnant women a pregnant women with cat

Although there’s no hard scientific evidence to prove that cats can sense pregnancy, many cat parents have recounted anecdotes that support this belief.

Your pet may not know that a new baby will be joining the family in the near future, but it’s able to notice the slightest change in your behavior, mood, body chemistry, and posture, which could be the reason behind its odd behavior. 

Do Cats Act Differently Around Pregnant Women?

Do Cats Act Differently Around Pregnant Women A Pregnant Lady Touching Black and White Cat

Cats are highly observant creatures. They pay close attention to their environment and are able to sense that something is different and pick up any subtle changes in your body even during early pregnancy.

Although cats may react differently towards their pregnant owners, depending on their personality, the following are some signs that allow them to detect pregnancy in the early stages.

Change in Body Odor

Change in Body Odor Pregnant women with cat

Cats have a very heightened sense of smell, which allows them to sense pregnancy in their humans very early on. With more than 200 million scent receptors, their keen sense of smell is far better than humans. This allows them to detect the earliest changes in hormone levels during pregnancy.

When a woman is pregnant, her body produces higher levels of hCG, progesterone, and estrogen. These changes in hormone levels can have an effect on your body odor, which your cat can detect even before you take a pregnancy test.

Change in Body Temperature

Change in Body Temperature Red Color dress pregnant women with cat

During pregnancy, you’re not just going to experience hormonal change; the temperature of your body is also going to slightly increase.

Although this change is hardly noticeable by humans, your cat will snuggle up to you more to enjoy your warmth.

3 Signs Your Cat Knows That You’re Pregnant

3 Signs Your Cat Knows That You’re Pregnant A cat wearing glasses on his eyes

There’s no denying the fact that cats act differently around their pregnant owners. However, it’s not the same across the board. The relationship between cats and pregnant women is greatly defined by the distinct personalities of cats and how they act according to them.

Here are the most common behaviors that cats exhibit when they sense that you are pregnant:

Your Cat Might Act Affectionate

Your Cat Might Act Affectionate pregnant lady hugging cute cat

Your pet may like to cuddle more and become extremely affectionate once it senses your pregnancy. It may spend more time snuggling, rubbing against you, or laying on your belly. In addition, it may follow you around from room to room, not leaving you alone for even a minute.

So don’t be alarmed if your cat starts to get clingy when you’re pregnant – this is your pet’s way of acting maternal and showing you some extra attention.

Your Cat May Act More Vigilant

Your Cat May Act More Vigilant cat looking something fishy

A cat’s hearing is three times stronger compared to humans. We need tools like a fetal Doppler, fetal heart monitor, or stethoscope to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, whereas your pet’s acute sense of hearing allows it to hear the fetus’s heartbeat from the early weeks of pregnancy.

As the pregnancy progresses and the baby’s heartbeat grows stronger, cats may become more protective and keep a constant watch over you.

Your Cat May Act Rebellious

Your Cat May Act Rebellious cat and pregnant women together

Peeing in random places, refusing to eat, scratching up furniture, and hiding from you are all types of rebellious behaviors that your kitten might show if it’s not happy with its routine disrupted.

If you moved your cat’s litter box to make room for the baby’s crib or aren’t able to spend as much time with your pet as you used to, then it’s possible for your cat to become grumpy and start scratching you.

How to Prepare Your Cat Before the New Baby Arrives

How to Prepare Your Cat Before the New Baby Arrives A Lady Adoring Cat Face

Cats are creatures of habit. That’s why your cat will find it difficult to adjust to the changes in routines that are sure to happen when your baby comes home.

Here are some ways to prepare your cat for a new baby:

  • Introduce baby toys and items well ahead of time. This will allow your cat to get used to the new arrangement of furniture. 
  • Play recordings of infants crying and baby noises. Since cats can find these sounds stressful, it’s best if they don’t associate these noises with your baby.
  • Restrict the entry of your cat into the baby’s nursery by placing sticky tape or barriers around the crib. This will prevent your cat from sleeping in the crib. 
  • Let your fur baby get used to your baby’s smell by first bringing home an item of clothing or a blanket from the hospital. Once you bring your baby home, be sure to never leave him or her alone with your cat.   


Some cats become more protective of their owners during pregnancy. Try to give your cat the same attention and love as before because, if neglected, their behavior can become aggressive.

Some may even act out by urinating outside the litter box. By giving your cat lots of love during pregnancy, you can assure it that your relationship hasn’t changed.

Sticking to the same routine during the various stages of pregnancy can help avoid behavioral issues with your cat. Try to avoid disrupting their feeding and playtime routine, even after your baby arrives.

If you’re unable to make time for your cat during pregnancy, consider asking family members or your friends to help you maintain your cat’s routine. As a result, it will remain affectionate even after the baby’s arrival.

Cats and Pregnancy - Does It Help to Be Around Cats During Pregnancy?

Cats and Pregnancy - Does It Help to Be Around Cats During Pregnancy Pregnant Lady with black cat on her neck.

Spending time with your pet during pregnancy helps improve your mood, reduce depression, and lower blood pressure. In addition, it provides expectant mothers with stress relief, and relaxation, and helps them overcome any anxieties they might be feeling.

Final Thoughts

Do cats know when you are pregnant? Yes and no. Although it may specifically not know what pregnancy is, your cat may be able to sense a change.

It’s hard to say if it’s able to hear your baby’s faint heartbeat, is responding to the change in your smell, or is just able to deduce from all the routine changes. 

However, one thing is certain, cats are highly perceptive and sensitive animals. That’s why it’s reasonable to assume that they’re able to sense a baby growing close by with the help of their many super senses.


Evelyn Baxter, Writer and Cat Expert

Evelyn Baxter, Writer and Cat Expert

Evelyn is an animal advocate, cat expert, and the proud mom of 2 rescue cats, Sugar, a beautiful fluffy tabby and Beebee, a black, fluffy beauty. Evelyn has studied animal care while volunteering at her local shelter. She loves all animals and wants to share the animal knowledge she has been lucky enough to gain together with knowledge from other experts with cat parents across the world.