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Top 10 Best Cat Calming Sprays

We all know our cats are lovers of routine and want everything to be a certain way. When situations change, cats can suffer from stress and anxiety. Cat calming sprays are a great way to soothe anxious felines because they’re simple to use and much less invasive than anti-anxiety medications. But, which one should you buy? 

The sheer number of cat calming sprays on the market can be overwhelming for any kitty-parent! That’s why we have picked the top 10 best cat calming sprays for 2022 and given you an in-depth review of each one. So, you can make an informed choice for your beloved feline companion. 

How do cat calming sprays work?

Cat calming sprays release relaxing herbal smells and natural happy cat pheromones as a mist. Cats pick up these scents using a unique biological structure called the vomeronasal organ, located between the nose and the mouth. Many of the pheromones present in cat calming sprays mimic the natural communication pheromones given off by cats. Whereas herbs such as lavender and chamomile have been proven to have a relaxing effect on cats. 

Cats have an incredibly acute sense of smell which makes cat calming sprays a very effective aid for calming stress and anxiety. Let me put this into context for you. Humans have 5 million olfactory receptors in our noses, whereas cats have around 80 million. So, their sense of smell is over 14 times better than ours!

Because of their method of distribution, cat calming sprays work best as short-term solutions to cat anxiety. Loud noises such as thunderstorms, birthday parties in the home, and the dreaded hoover are all situations where a cat calming spray could be useful. They can also be used to introduce a new pet to the home and to calm travel anxiety. Just spray on bedding, furniture, or a window perch to help your cat feel more relaxed. 

Cat anxiety can manifest in a number of ways from withdrawal to aggression and excessive vocalizations. So, it’s important to observe your kitty regularly and note any behavioral changes that could indicate stress.

Remember that certain essential oils and flower essences are toxic to cats. So, avoid any products that contain any of these ingredients, which include:

  • Citrus
  • Eucalyptus 
  • Clove oil
  • Pine
  • Lilies

1. Best Overall: Feliway Classic Calming Spray for Cats

Feliway is a leader in the cat calming products market. The Feliway Classic Calming Spray contains their patented pheromone technology which mimics the natural calming facial pheromones given off by cats when they rub against furniture, people, and anything else they perceive to be in their territory. These pheromones offer your cat a sense of security which can go a long way toward reducing unwanted anxiety symptoms such as urine marking

Simply spray the Feliway Classic Cat Calming Spray in the area your cat frequents the most (or the one that is causing the stress). It can be sprayed directly in doorways, or on furniture, cat bedding, or travel carriers. You will need around 8 sprays per use and a whole bottle will generally last for 50 applications. The effects will last for around 4-5 hours so make sure you reapply when needed. Always wait for 15 mins before allowing your cat back into the room to allow the alcohol to dissipate. 


  • Patented pheromone technology
  • Odorless to humans
  • Vet-recommended
  • Lasts for up to 5 hours


  • May not work for all cats
  • Contains ethanol so you cannot spray the solution near your cat

2. Best Value: Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Calming Spray

Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Calming Spray is made with natural botanical extracts, such as lemon grass, to help calm your cat in times of stress. It can be sprayed directly onto any surface and takes around 20 minutes for the effects to kick in. However, this product does contain parabens so make sure your cat is out of the room when it is first sprayed. NEVER spray directly onto your cat. 

Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Calming Spray is described as long-lasting, however, there are no specific guidelines on how long each spray lasts. That said, the solution is non-sedative so can be resprayed when needed. Nature’s Miracle has a good reputation in the cat-calming market so this product is a great low-price option.


  • Long-lasting
  • Works quickly
  • The scent is not overpowering
  • Inexpensive


  • Contains parabens
  • May not work on very anxious cats

3. Premium Choice: Bserene Pheromone and Catnip Oil Cat Calming Spray

Bserene Pheromone and Catnip Oil Cat Calming Spray releases calming signals that mimic the natural feel-good scents given off by cats. The addition of catnip oil creates an all-round solution to cat anxiety but it is a little on the pricey side.

The Bserene Pheromone and Catnip Oil Cat Calming Spray is completely drug-free and can be sprayed on bedding, windowsills, cat carriers, and furniture to create a stress-free environment for your cat. It is advisable to wait 15 minutes before allowing your cat into the room.

The only main downside of this product is that it’s flammable so don’t spray it near any fire source such as an open flame or a lit cigarette. 


  • Drug-free
  • Contains catnip oil
  • Effective at reducing anxiety symptoms including urine marking, scratching, and withdrawal


  • Flammable
  • Ingredients can cause eye irritation
  • Expensive

4. Best for Kittens: Comfort Zone Spray and Scratch Control Cat Calming Spray

The Comfort Zone Spray and Scratch Control Cat Calming Spray is completely drug and addiction free. And each spray lasts for 24 hours, so it’s a great way to calm kitties going through the naughty adolescent phase.

The Comfort Zone Spray and Scratch Control Cat Calming Spray is a vet-approved formula that’s scentless to humans as it mimics the natural pheromones given off by cats. It’s suitable for short-term use, just make sure you spray an area 15 minutes before allowing your cat to enter the room. It’s also suitable for long-term use. Just spray every day in an area where your cat frequents and you should see a reduction in anxiety symptoms within one week. 

The main drawback to this cat calming spray is that it’s fairly expensive compared to other similar products.


  • Drug-free
  • Odorless
  • Lasts for 24 hours
  • Helps to relieve severe anxiety symptoms


  • Expensive
  • Can leave a stain on certain surfaces

5. Pet Remedy Natural D-Stress Cat Spray

The Pet Remedy Natural D-Stress Cat Spray is filled with natural calming essential oils including sweet basil, valerian, and sage, that have been scientifically proven to calm cats. Combined, these essential oils mimic the amino acid, gamma amino butyric acid, which is a natural calm-inducing neurotransmitter found in all mammals. 

The essential oils are based in a water solution so it’s perfectly safe to use around cats, children, and other pets. However, it does give off a fairly strong odor. 

Simply spray a few pumps of this solution onto bedding or in the cat carrier for fast results. The Pet Remedy Natural D-Stress Cat Spray needs to be applied every 1-2 hours to keep its effectiveness. 


  • Natural ingredients
  • Water-based solution
  • Mimics the calming amino acid found naturally in mammals


  • Expensive
  • Has a strong odor
  • Effects don’t last long

6. Sentry Good Behavior Cat Calming Spray

The Sentry Good Behavior Cat Calming Spray utilizes patented good behavior technology to reduce stress in felines. It contains a formula that mimics the natural neonatal pheromones released by mother cats when they are around their kittens. 

The Sentry Good Behavior Cat Calming Spray also contains lavender and chamomile which have been clinically proven to reduce stress in both humans and cats! It can be sprayed on cat bedding, blankets, and cat carriers. However, it’s not recommended for furniture because it stains easily. It also takes a lot of product for the solution to take effect and it only comes in a small 30ml bottle.


  • Patented formula that mimics the natural neonatal pheromones given off by mother cats
  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Clinically proven


  • Expensive for a small bottle
  • Can stain furniture
  • The bottle nozzle sometimes clogs up 

7. Relaxivet Cat Calming Spray

The Relaxivet Cat Calming Spray is made with natural botanical ingredients including catnip and rosemary to induce a sense of calm in even the most stressed-out kitties. 

Simply spray the Relaxivet Cat Calming Spray on your cat’s bedding and wait 15 minutes before allowing your cat to enter the room. The effects last up for 6 hours but the oil-based formula can stain some surfaces. However, it’s a great solution for short-term stressful situations such as vet visits and thunderstorms. The solution also contains geranium which can be toxic to cats if ingested so it is important to make sure your cat doesn’t nibble on the bedding. 


  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Effects last for up to 6 hours
  • Fast-acting


  • Can stain some surfaces
  • Contains geranium so it’s toxic when ingested
  • Contains catnip so may induce hyperactivity in some cats

8. ThunderEase Calming Spray for Cats

ThunderEase Calming Spray for Cats mimics a mother cat’s natural pheromones, with the help of chamomile and lavender, to calm anxious cats. This makes it a great solution to reduce symptoms of anxiety including scratching, excessive vocalizations and inappropriate urination. 

The ThunderEase Calming Spray for Cats can be sprayed onto objects in the home or even directly onto a thundershirt to reduce stress in your feline companion. The solution is completely natural so it can be sprayed as often as needed.

Compared to other brands, this product is fairly expensive and it may not work on all cats. 


  • Slow-releasing formula
  • Drug-free
  • Mimics a mother cat’s natural calming pheromones


  • Fairly expensive
  • May not work on all cats

9. Pet Organics No-Stress Spray for Cats

The Pet Organics No-Stress Spray for Cats is a natural formula based on synthetic pheromone technology which is designed to reduce stress in cats. Basically, the solution sends a message to the brain to say there is nothing to fear, just like a mother cat would. 

The solution is made from clove and rosemary, so it has a very mild scent for both cats and humans. However, this does mean that it may not be the best solution for cats with extreme anxiety.

The Pet Organics No-Stress Spray for Cats is safe to spray on all surfaces as it doesn’t stain. However, the effects take a while to kick in and it needs to be resprayed often. 


  • Natural formula
  • Mimics natural feline pheromones
  • Mild scent


  • Doesn’t work on severely anxious cats
  • Some cats don’t like the scent
  • Needs to be reapplied often

10. NaturVet Quiet Moments Feline Pheromone Cat Calming Spray

The NaturVet Quiet Moments Feline Pheromone Cat Calming Spray is a natural product that can be sprayed daily in a room your cat frequents to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. The synthetic hormones work for up to 8-10 hours so it’s ideal to spray on a cat carrier before taking a long trip. Alternatively, you can spray it in your home before introducing a new pet. 

It’s best to test the NaturVet Quiet Moments Feline Pheromone Cat Calming Spray on a small area of fabric because it can stain. It’s suitable for use by kittens over the age of 3 months but make sure you wipe any hard floors before allowing your cat to enter the room as the liquid can accumulate. 


  • Lasts 8-10 hours
  • Natural ingredients
  • Water-based


  • Can stain certain materials
  • Excess liquid can accumulate on the floor after spraying
  • Some cats don’t like the smell

Final Thoughts on Cat Calming Srays

Cat calming sprays are an ideal solution to short-term stress and anxiety in your beloved feline companion. However, these products contain different ingredients so it’s important to find the spray that works best for your cat. 

Whether your cat is a fan of catnip or chamomile, there’s a spray out there that will help to soothe your kitties anxiety and allow them to feel more relaxed, even in the most stressful situations. 

With a patented, clinically proven formula that mimics the natural calming facial pheromones given off by cats, the Feliway Classic Calming Spray for Cats is our top choice for the best cat calming spray on the market in 2022.