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Best Cat Calming Bed: AmazinglyCat Fluffy Cat Bed Review

In our article, the 10 Best Calming Cat Beds, we delved into some of the best calming cat beds to purchase for anxious cats. Whether your cat is suffering from extreme anxiety or bouts of short-term stress, these beds are worth the purchase. Who doesn’t want their cat to be relaxed and happy?

The deserved winner was the AmazinglyCat Fluffy Cat Bed. Let’s dive into the reasons why. And don’t worry we also point out the Cons too.

How We Choose

When rounding up the top 10 best Calming Cat Beds on the market, some were tested directly by us, while others were researched by collating comments from users online to ensure we had good coverage of what is currently available. As a team of qualified veterinarians, animal welfare experts, and cat parents, you can be assured we only choose the best products.

All about our number one best calming cat bed

The calming cat bed market is filled to the brim with a variety of choices, from cat teepees and cat caves, to fluffy donut beds. The AmazinglyCat Fluffy Cat Bed is a donut-shaped cat bed that comes in a wide range of colors to fit any decor:

  • Rainbow
  • Marble
  • Dark Grey
  • Pink
  • Beige
  • Light Grey

This calming cat bed also comes in a range of different sizes, so you can be sure to find one that fits your cats needs. Size options include:

  • Large: 20 inches – fits cats up to 14lbs
  • XL: 23 inches – fits cats over 14lbs
  • XXL: 27 inches – Can easily accommodate two or more cats

The AmazinglyCat Fluffy Marshmallow Cat Bed comes vacuum-packed to prevent any damage during transit. When it arrives, simply open the packaging and shake out the bed for around two minutes. Your fluffy marshmallow bed will then be ready to aid countless catnaps. 

If you purchase this cat calming bed directly through the AmazinglyCat website, you are also entitled to a 30 day full refund if the product doesn’t satisfy your kitty’s needs. 


With a 4.5 rating on Amazon and a 5.0 rating on the AmazinglyCat website, this calming cat bed has proven to be a big hit with customers. Here’s why!

The AmazinglyCat Fluffy Marshmallow Cat Bed is as soft and fluffy as it sounds. It also comes with an extra blanket for added snuggle-ability. The rounded shape and raised sides of this bed cocoon your cat in a feeling of security and warmth – perfect for blissful paw-kneading. This makes it a great option for cats that suffer from anxiety or stress because it activates the nervous system and helps your cat to sleep more soundly. 

As an additional bonus, the bed has a non-slip bottom. So, it won’t budge even if your over excited kitty dives into it. 

The soft material of the AmazinglyCat Fluffy Marshmallow Cat Bed is also great for elderly cats or those with joint problems because the super soft filling provides relief for achy limbs. Getting old is inevitable for all of us, including cats, and the best thing we can do is to offer as much security and comfort as possible. What better way to do that than with a calming cat bed?

Weighing in at just 1kg, this calming cat bed is incredibly lightweight which makes it easy to transport. 


The AmazinglyCat Fluffy Marshmallow Cat Bed is a great purchase for any cat. However, like everything, it does have some drawbacks. This shouldn’t dissuade you from buying one, there are just some things you need to look out for to ensure the bed remains in tiptop condition. 

While this cat calming bed claims to be machine washable, you do need to make sure it is washed very gently. A harsh washing machine cycle will cause the threads to fray. Some customers even claimed that the bed came apart when it was put in the washing machine or dryer. 

On first hearing this, you are probably thinking ‘well, that’s quite a big issue to have with a calming cat bed’. However, there are ways you can prevent this from happening – you just have to be careful that the gentle wash really is a gentle one, or you can hand wash your AmazinglyCat Fluffy Cat Bed. This may be a bit more time consuming than simply tossing it into the washing machine but trust me, your cat will thank you for it! 

One of the things we really like about this bed is that if you have any issues, AmazinglyCat can easily be contacted via phone, Facebook messenger, or email. That’s a great selling point.

Alternative Calming Beds

If you’re not sure this bed is the one for your cat, head over to our article where we review the top 10 beds on the market: 10 Best Calming Cat Beds

We’re sure you’ll find a calming bed to suit your cat (some even suit dogs).

Final Thoughts On The AmazinglyCat Fluffy Cat Bed

Hopefully, you can now see why the AmazinglyCat Fluffy Cat Bed is our top calming cat bed. As long as you take good care of it and wash it gently or even by hand, this bed will provide your kitty with a comfortable, anxiety-reducing space to relax in for years to come. 

With a multitude of pros, from the non-slip base to the incredibly fluffy material, this is one purchase you can make for your anxious or stressed out kitty that you won’t regret.


Desiree Delong, Writer & Cat Mom

Desiree Delong, Writer & Cat Mom

Desiree Delong is a devoted cat Mom and freelance writer with a passion for all animals, but especially cats. She has owned cats since she was six years old and even though she is now in her thirties, her love for cats has never faded. She continues to adopt cats and give them a safe, loving home. Currently, Desiree spends most of her time writing. In her free time, she cares for her furbaby, a tabby cat named Halo who is nearing her seventh birthday.